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The Team

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Holly Lennon

Holly Lennon is currently in her second year, studying English at Queen’s University, Belfast.
From growing up observing her father’s waste management business, she became aware of
the excessive amount of recyclable waste that ends up in landfill sites. From this, emanated
her environmental/pragmatic mindset and interest in up-cycling clothing and furniture. Holly
is currently working on video content, combining her passions of travel, sustainable fashion,
and photography.


Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson is a Queen’s graduate and freelance content creator based on the north
coast of Northern Ireland. When she’s not writing or editing for print and online publications, you can find her on stage as part of the indie band “Brand New Friend.”

Her experiences of national touring opened her eyes to the levels of waste produced by the music industry and this inspired her to launch the website, along with the other members of the team. Self-proclaimed art and culture obsessive, you can find examples of her work in “Dig With It” magazine, “NewGrad” and her portfolio website


Don Duncan

Don Duncan is a lecturer in Broadcast Practice in the Broadcast Production department at
Queen’s University Belfast. He is also a freelance journalist and filmmaker. Originally from south county Longford in the Irish Republic, he has lived and worked in France, New York, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Belgium. At Queen’s, his research includes documentary, factual animation and formal experimentation in hybrid genres/forms. He is very interested in audio storytelling, cinema, memory, folklore and mythology, and multilingualism. He is also
interested in finding effective ways to communicate today about future climate events likely to happen in the future. He speaks French, Irish and Arabic.

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Isabelle Schulz recently graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a Master’s in Media and Broadcast Production and is originally from Germany but is now based in Northern Ireland. She has a passion for journalism and recently took part in “Future News Worldwide,” the British Council’s conference for upcoming journalists as a delegate for Northern Ireland. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, surfing and spending time outdoors, which is why she decided to protect the environment and strive for a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

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Stephanie Linford

Stephanie is a graduate of Salford University and has been a freelance designer for a number of years. Having been involved in conservation at university, she learned the value of education in tackling the climate emergency. She has worked on multiple projects centred around climate change both in her career as a designer and in her personal life.

Our Contributors

Lucie Affronti
Zoë Backwell
Nimita Bhatt
James Beatty
Lawrence Eagling
Flavia Gouveia

Zhuofan Liu

Claire McNicholl
Jane McWilliams
Natasha Phillips
Isabelle Schulz
Ben Watson

...and everyone involved with Public Colab 2020.

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